Mark Jenkins - Mobile and Web UX and UI Designer based in London

My name is Mark and I’m a Mobile UX and UI Designer based in London, UK.

I’m the UX Lead at Depop and I’m also a mentor for The School of Communication Arts .

Read more about my work experience and check out the books I recommend.

Design is more than just how things are displayed visually. It’s a combination of how things look, read, work and delight PEOPLE.

My passions lie in design, mobile, web and I have a keen interest in social media. As a highly organised and driven individual, I am flexible to work both individually and as part of a team.

Having a critical eye for design and strong attention to detail ensures I am dedicated to creating people-centric experiences and interfaces. Endeavouring to simplify the user journey and interface so that the proposition is clean, concise and logical, I take ideas and transform them into working wireframes and prototypes that aim to fulfil customer and business goals.

Then it’s time to test and iterate on UX and UI repeatedly to refine and improve. I’ll work collaboratively with developers and engineers to ensure the design is represented in its code form and test and iterate again.

Throughout my career, I’ve been privileged to work with some fantastic companies including DepopJUST EAT, Havas Media, Camelot, Unilever, Hyundai, Time Out, The Guardian, Hilton International, The Virgin Group, Fallon London and HTSPE.

Things I like doing

Since 2007, I have run two award-winning blogs, UK Street Art and Friedmylittlebrain which are supported by my keen interest in graffiti, street art and slight obsession with electronic music.

I remember the birth of the MP3 and have been involved ever since!

I enjoy travelling abroad, and exploring new cities, taking in the ‘locals’ view of things. Posting photos of random things and food to Instagram. Going out with friends to festivals, gigs and clubs and love cooking for friends and family. I’m also obsessed with camouflage.

I’m always tinkering around on the web, breaking trying new things.

I often post (a lot of) links to things I find on my Twitter.

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