Depop iOS and Android apps

The Depop Android app, before and after.

The client

Depop is a social shopping app that is highly popular with millennials along with key celebrities including Shaquille O’Neal and Chiara Ferragni. Simon Beckerman founded the company in 2011 at H-Farm, an Italian technological incubator after he wanted to turn the idea of a ‘little shop in your pocket’ into a reality.

The problem

As with a lot of startups, the need for an iOS app sometimes takes precedence over having both iOS and Android apps. Because of this, Depop ended up with an Android app that had fallen behind in terms of both experience and design – it needed some love and attention.


Depop iOS and Android apps

The old Depop Android app – in need of some design love.


The Depop community was used to a fast, simple and intuitive experience and so adding extra steps or changing the current experience had to be handled with care. More often than not, a simple explanation as to why the changes in both the interface and experience were made put the users at ease.

How the problem was solved

I joined Depop in late 2014 and led the UX and UI work for the iOS and Android apps and the web platform in my roles as UX Lead and later, Head of Design.

By bringing the iOS and Android offerings in line through the updated UI work, it meant that Depop began to think of itself as a single platform, rather than two separate apps.

Depop is ‘a community’ not an ‘iPhone app’. 🐜


Depop iOS and Android apps

We updated the search and filtering on both iOS and Android.


Depop iOS and Android apps

Testing ideas for the user profile on the Android app.


Depop iOS and Android apps

By using the guidelines provided by Google we were able to rapidly improve screens throughout the app.

Through user research and testing with the users, we prototyped and designed new features and enhancements to existing features along with updating the Android app to a Material Design app, which was later presented at a Londroid (London Android) Meetup.

Also, during my time at Depop I encouraged the design team to adapt to using Sketch for our design work and made steps to start designing with real data, rather than dummy content and Lorem Ipsum to make sure we were designing the right thing.

I wrote an article about this on Medium which gained a lot of views as it became rather popular.

Download Depop on the App Store and Play Store.

The results

Along with a cohesive and consistent visual appearance across both the iOS and Android apps, the visual and user experience updates to the Android app meant that within 5 weeks the overall app rating went from a 3.6 to a 4.2 in the Google Play Store.


Max Fumagalli, Senior UX/UI Designer

“I recommend him simply because he’s a great designer with a complete vision from Web to Mobile. I got to work for one year at his side and he gave me a passion that I thought lost in Depop. We made a great team, and were able to make a change in production.  He introduced a new way to approach and solve problems involving the people who worked at his side.

Fast in the right way, which is to go direct to the nuts of the problem and highlight immediately a way for a proper solution. A unique person, he has managed to create a good feeling with me and stimulate me to do better and better every day. When two designers work as he and I have worked there wasn’t a problem or feature that couldn’t be solved or created.

Very helpful with all within Depop, he has introduced the ability to share his knowledge with people who do not work in design teams,patient in explaining to them why many of our choices.

If I had the chance I would like to work with him again.”