If you’ve been watching TV, reading the web, the papers and Twitter over the past few weeks you may have seen the barrage of adverts that Lidl are using for their new campaign, #LidlSurprises.

The ads show everyday people at a farmers/food market sampling a variety of items, quite clearly enjoying the food they’re tasting. Eventually, the big reveal, is that the food is from Lidl.

I wouldn’t normally write much about advertising, but these charming ads caught my attention and I really enjoyed the approach from the German supermarket chain – great work!

In other news, as the supermarkets (continue to) battle each other, Sainsbury’s made a bit of a slip up this week as an internal poster was unfortunately put up in the window of a store, for all and sundry to see. Chris Dodd caught a snap of it and posted it to Twitter – the news spreading wide and far, very quickly.

Obviously, in times where the nation is supposedly ‘tightening their belt’ and trying to keep their spending in check, this goes completely against the grain of a supermarket saving you money. According to this poster, Sainsbury’s want you to spend an extra 50p on every shop. The poster says:

‘Fifty pence challenge. Let’s encourage every customer to spend an additional 50p during each shopping trip between now and the year end.’

As we’ve seen with other social media fails, the competition is quick to jump on a competitors misfortune and Lidl were very quick to respond with a tongue in cheek and relevant reply.

Such a simple copy change and Lidl are once again victorious. Bravo!

Next, as Morrisons aim to see off the challenge of Lidl and Aldi, another fail, and once again, Lidl reply with a superb response.

Dubbed “Morrison’s have found a way to match Lidl’s prices” this tongue in cheek ad trounces the competition again, outlining just how complicated it is to save some money with Morrisons through their price pledge.

In the age of social media and the frantic pace of trying to keep ahead of the competition Lidl have shown the rest how to do it by championing their brand, giving something back to their customers and no doubt gaining many more new ones.

Lidl, I salute you.


For more information and a recipe generator, head over to the official Lidl Surprises Website


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