Mark Jenkins UX Training Workshops London

1-day UX training workshop – How design can help improve your business

Do your products and services have a great user experience?

Your customer’s experience is affected by everything your business does. Through a process of designing, testing and iterating you can attract new customers and keep your existing customers engaged with your products and services. Design is an important part of every business.

This 1-day workshop will help you and your company to improve the user experience, usability and accessibility of your product and services.  First, we will work together to decide on the goals and problems you would like to solve; this forms the preparation for the delivery of the workshop. Through research and analysis of the current experience we can better understand where the current problems lie and why they may be happening.

What does the workshop deliver?

  • Analysis of your current problems and challenges.
  • An understanding of why UX is so important and how design can improve your business.
  • Learn, practice and retain techniques to better understand your customers through design including user interviews, user flows, wire framing, paper prototyping and usability testing.
  • Action points for achievable design improvements for your business.
  • A tangible output; in the form of wireframes, prototype(s) and so on – this will be tailor made to your needs.
  • A fun and productive day, where everyone learns from each other.

The details

Location: Your office/space
Participants: up to 4 people from your team/company
Cost: £2500 + VAT

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Who delivers the workshop?

I’m the Experience Design Director at 72andSunny in Amsterdam, and I’m also one of the lead instructors at General Assembly. My passion for design lies in crafting experiences that solve real problems, in a simple way.

I think and plan strategically to design across the full lifecycle of the UX process, from research to prototyping, usability testing to UI and, if needed, I can turn designs into reality through code. But keep that one quiet, ok? (shhhhh!). I roll my sleeves up and get hands on.

Designing with informed decisions, I understand that a fantastic experience is one where the combination of how things look, read and work end up providing true value for people.

The driving force behind everything I do is the impact that design can have on people.

I also love to act as the “Sixth Man” when called into multidisciplinary teams.

“I’ll be very plain here: Mark is an exceptional talent and whoever hires him next will see him add value immediately. A heart of gold, a skilled hand and an expert eye too. It’s a no-brainer really.”

– Alex Barclay, Strategy & Innovation Principal, Big Radical

Sounds good? Let’s talk

We can start by discussing your needs. For larger groups or longer workshops, please get in touch to discuss your needs – I look forward to hearing from you.

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